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Approximately 8 years ago I was feeling stressed and under a lot of pressure.

I believe Reiki found me, I was experiencing pain and was looking for something! I contacted Chris to make an appointment and she explained how long the treatment would take etc.

The inital appointment was for about an hour, I felt relaxed and Chris made me feel comfortable and
made sure I was happy.

I have been receiving Reiki ever since, it has taught me so very much about life experiences, relationships,
and problems that occur. I feel my general well being and health benefits immensly from my Reiki treatments.
I now understand how colour can affect my mood, colour is a beautifully simple thing to use in my daily life.

I have found that Reiki compliments other therapies, it is a wonderful experience and it is used to heal physically, mentally
and spiritually.

Love, light and happiness. Sue



I have always had an attraction to alternative health remedies and over the years had tried many conventional therapies.

I had read about Reiki healing and was seeking out more information and was introduced to Chris several years ago initially to receive regular treatments and a bit of ‘me' time.

I found Chris to be a loving and inspiring person with much wisdom and experience in spiritual matters.

The benefits of receiving Reiki were instantly apparent and as my awareness grew of this beautiful energy I wished to learn more to enable me to share the healing with others.

I attended my first Reiki course and experienced a feeling of acceptance, a safe space to learn and an opportunity to meet new people. My desire to further my knowledge of Reiki has since led me to complete the second, master and Karuna courses with Chris.

Chris is an excellent facilitator and her passion for Reiki shines through to her students as they start or develop themselves along their Reiki pathway. Her teaching methods give you the guidance, tools and confidence to expand as an individual. The use of colour is refreshing and gives another dimension to all healings.

The support and guidance continues after each course as Chris is always willing to answer queries and holds Reiki share meetings providing a chance to catch up with old friends and new.



Colours for the Soul

I always knew I had the ability to give healing to others, I could feel it in my hands and feet and often gave others spiritual healing. Joining an organised Reiki group “Colours for the Soul” has enabled me to make sure that I always look after myself first, what good am I to others if I am not well myself? The principles of reiki taught me to start from within.

After completing, Reiki 1 I knew that I would carry on with Reiki for the rest of my life and instinctively knew I would complete all the training to achieve all Reiki levels. I completed Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master/Teacher and then went on to do Karuna.

During this time I was also fortunate enough to go on a course with “Colours for the Soul” to do Colour Reiki and Advanced Colour Reiki. This opened up a completely new dimension and colour has become a massive part of my life.

We meet every so often to catch up and have a reiki share group, we do something interesting in the morning such as meditation and sharing skills and then share a hands on reiki session during the afternoon. We always have a shared lunch and there is always so much to eat we end up taking food home.

The shares are always a good opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones and we learn so much from each other. We have also had the opportunity to learn other therapies and knowledge. As a result of attending this group I have met so many friends through Reiki and they are like my extended family.

Chris my Reiki Master is such a warm, loving and homely person who I love unconditionally and appreciate everything she has taught me. I know that Chris teaches from her heart but not only that, she teaches with creativity and flair. She always greats you with a wonderful reiki hug . This I believe has enabled me to pass this on to my own students and clients. I love the saying “The Teacher and the Taught learning Together.” And that is exactly how it feels.

After completing my Reiki 1 training I dedicated a poem I wrote at that time to Chris and I think it is worth sharing so here it is:-

Thankyou Chris for everything!


Dedicated to Chris


What are the colours for the soul?

Do we smell them?

Drifting scents so light around the air

Seeping into every pore of our souls

Oh yes we can smell colour everywhere.

Do we feel them?

Touching us slowly, carefully and lightly

Bouncing rainbows on our skin

Beautiful, Creatively and Brightly.

Do we sense them?

Just round the corner, Inspiration,

Teasing us, testing our knowledge

Enhancing our imagination.

Do we taste them?

Eat red; drink green, colours of every hue

Cook Yellow, Roast Purple

Oh we just know that we do

Do we see them?

In prisms of wonderful and spectacular light

Darting and shadowing and winding

Enhancing our day, and calming our night.

Do we heal with them?

To achieve our ultimate Reiki goal,

Oh yes what would we do

Without the Colours for the soul.

Written by Jane Birkin


I have known Chris for several years. I have learnt Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki up to Master Teacher levels with Chris. She is a genuine, warm and understanding person, who always gives her best and more, which is why I love having treatments with Chris as she has helped me in so many ways and on so many levels, always with your best interests in her heart. Thankyou so much Chris.

Jane Butler

Reiki Master Review. This workshop fulfilled my expectations more than I expected in a safe a friendly evnviroment , the knowledge on the course was just right without being overloaded. Chris was knowledgeable and wanted to share information. The course was well planned. I enjoyed the sharing of the Attunements. Chris teaches from the heart with the true spirit of Reiki.

Jos Sharp

I have known Christine for several years and have studied Reiki with her from the beginning through to my Master attunement last weekend.  The safe and nurturing environment that Chris creates ensures the time spent feels really special.  In fact, I travelled for 5 hours to complete my Master attunement.  Christine,  your dedication to the wisdom of Reiki, and the unconditional way you share yourself is a complete inspiration to me.  I really feel that I have found myself with Reiki, and I couldn't imagine doing it without you!


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