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About Me
From The Heart

I have always felt a yearning to follow my heart, for when the heart sings that is when we grow, and the energy flows.

I have worked in the caring profession since leaving school.

People are very important to me. I feel respect, sensitivity, compassion to ones needs is very important too.

We are all individuals with our own unique qualities and our own journeys. I know we each learn in our own unique way, in order to bring that love and wisdom back to the whole. At Colours for the Soul I aim to bring out those qualities in a safe and friendly environment.

I have been A Reiki Master for over 22 years, training with several Reiki Masters the most recent being William Lee Rand who I also studied Karuna Reiki with. The learning with William was invaluable for which I will always be grateful. When I did Reiki 1 I knew I would do Reiki 2 but never imagined I would be a Reiki Master. Reiki has taken me beyond my wildest dreams.

I have been on the spiritual path from an early age attending Methodist Church , Church of England, and Catholic Church, all of which I value and respect; however there were always unanswered questions that Reiki has fulfilled.

I have a love and passion for all the work that I do and as my sensitivity to Colour and Reiki have increased, I have realised the two vibrations of Reiki and Colour complement each other to bring a new dimension into healing.

On the journey of life I have come to an understanding that the work always starts from within. To understand others I first had to understand and know myself, I studied long and hard on myself attending counselling courses, NLP., personal development courses and so on too numerous to mention. You have a choice, in every moment of your life. I chose Colour Reiki

There are many paths to our spiritual journey all of which the Colours For the Soul embrace, however when we come together in love we become ONE

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