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Absent Healing Service

We offer an absent healing service to all who ask for help.  We do not make a charge for this but we do request that you do something to help another person as an exchange for the energies that will be received.   The absent healing will be sent for a period of four weeks.

All that we need is to receive a request from the person who requires healing.  We will not accept requests from anyone else unless the person to be healed is not able to request this themselves, for example, if the person is in a coma, or is too young or infirm.

All healing will be sent to work for your highest good and to be received at the best time to achieve this.

To Request absent healing just fill in the Name, E-Mail and Healing Request boxes and hit the Send key below.  All information received from this link will be treated in the highest confidence. 




Healing Request

If you would like to apply to join our group of absent healers then please click below and follow the on-screen prompts

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