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My name is Christine and  I would like to welcome you to Colours For The Soul and to thank you for visiting my website, where I hope you will find love and peace.

I have recently completed an online class with William Lee Rand to become a qualified online teacher and a Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training www.reiki.org

Reiki once again has adapted to the situation at this vulnerable time of Covid19.

With the online teaching it means you will be getting a consistent, high quality Reiki training in the comfort of your home with a qualified teacher with you at all times.

This New system empowers and Reiki responds and the World changes. If you are looking to change your world and life then maybe look no further, I look forward to hearing from you to book your online sessions.

William Lee Rand and Christine Coffey after the Karuna Class at Stonehenge

Exciting NEWS!

I am also now selling holistic award winning aromatherapy skincare and fragrance collections from Zephorium.

I have always been inspired by well-being, in myself and others. My aims and passion are to create a safe a friendly environment for us to develop it is important what energy we engage in and surround ourselves with.

When I came across Holy Fire® Reiki and Zephorium, I was blown away by these energies, they just lift your spirits. Change your Thoughts Change your life, by changing your vibrations.

Colour is another of my passions, when I saw the colours and the products of Zephorium, I had the deep sense of knowing these were the products for me.

To view or purchase Zephorium products either contact me directly by phone, email or by clicking the link to purchase online at the Zephorium Website

I spent many years as a Spiritual Healer before moving into other forms of healing both as a healer and a teacher & I believe that everyone has their own path and their own experiences in life but Reiki brings us all together in love.

I am a Usui Holy Fire III® Reiki Master, Seichem Master, Karuna® Reiki Master, Qualified Reflexologist' Masseuse, Aroma Therapist, Healer and Counsellor. I was one of the co-founders of the Peak School of Reiki.

Having attended courses in NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Indian Head Massage, I am continually updating my knowledge on many healing disciplines.

Everyone has their own gifts and that is why at Colours for the Soul the numbers on the class are kept small to enable you to fulfil your full potential and find your true purpose. Classes are taught with love, and compassion in a friendly environment and peaceful surroundings. Colours For The Soul is a non-profit organisation.


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